How do I get started?

It’s easy just go to the sign up page and we’ll call you to conduct a quick, five minute evaluation of your roof using satellite photography. This is totally free and there is no obligation. If your roof looks like a good candidate for solar, we will get back to you when it’s ready, one of our knowledgeable in-house solar advisors will schedule some time to talk with you and answer any of your solar questions.  We can help you decide to lease or purchase solar as an example. If you decide to wait, it’s no problem! We are here to help you with the solar landscape because it can get confusing.

How much will solar panels cost me?

For some more general information about solar pricing. The pricing varies from state to state based on the individual solar market in those areas, but we promise it will always be a great deal for that location.

How does Discover Solar get paid?

Discover Solar is completely free for everyone and solar companies pay us a flat referral fee each time one of our visitors decide to get solar.

How does a HOA effect Solar Access Laws?

It’s best to consult your HOA before beginning the solar discovery process.  We specialize in solar that is suited for single family standalone homes with no shared roof.